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KidVision Multimedia Video Production

No, we’re really not kids anymore. In fact, we just celebrated our 10th year in Arizona and our 20th year in business. But we do work hard to keep our Kids-eye view of the world, a vision of wonder and curiosity, each time we create with our clients.

It sure helps that we always seem to find other “kids” in the business world, who also want to create successful tools for their business needs. Most of them aren’t really kids anymore either. But, they appreciate the great fun of creating useful and entertaining programming for their audience, as a member of our team.

KidVision Multimedia is a creative consulting, development and production firm, offering you every thing, person, and technology you will need to turn your idea into reality.

We have created marketing, sales, advertising, informational, fundraising, documentary and special feature programming. We’ve won numerous national awards for our work.

But, best of all, we’ve never had an unhappy client. They all want to come back to play with us again, which makes us just feel great. Kind of like kids again…



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KidVision Multimedia Video Production