Fred Jones Tools For Teaching

It does not matter whether a child is in an inner city school, a charter or is going somewhere on vouchers. The only place that success takes place is in each classroom when the door is closed and the teacher is working. I have a degree from Rutgers in education and was never taught how to teach, but what to teach. And I never had any information on classroom management which is the main reason many teachers leave the profession or face failure everyday .

Teachers need training to manage and motivate students and about how to teach so that they learn. If there are any teachers or administrators reading this, Fred Jones, Tools For Teaching: Classroom Management: Discipline, Instruction, Motivation program has raised achievement and lowered behavioral problems all over the nation. Go to YOUTUBE and search Fred Jones Tools For Teaching. You will see some amazing clips. Dr. Jones also has an award- winning Parent Edition, which parents love and which makes education a community effort. has an archive of Fred Jones columns. The Parent Edition is so successful that parents in Idaho can now earn college credits for taking it. The Fred Jones DVD series costs under $800 and has brought success to schools everywhere after many spent millions on so- called “consultants” who leave little change, literally and figuratively, behind. If you are in education, you need to know about Fred Jones and his work. As many teachers have said, why didn’t I have this long ago?

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