Video for viral marketing

As new companies come to be, one of the most crucial components of success in this age of information is to have a presence on the internet.  This is why blogs have become second nature to any company wanting to improve its customer base and its image.  Using video clips on you tube, vimeo, or more specific target audiences like those on teacher tube is essential to getting your message out.  

Whether done with a professional  or created with a web cam and an announcement, the ability to market your company and sell your products is enhanced with the ability to email video clips all over the world.  

In fund raising, being able to let your potential donors actually see what you do makes them much more apt to pull out their check books.  In my own experience, showing what the Association for Retarded Citizens actually does for the community resulted in fund raising efforts that built a new building in NJ.  How many of you knew that not only does ARC offer group homes and job training and placement for people with mental retardation from mild to severe, but they also offer care to severely disabled people, like near drowning victims who now need around the clock care just to survive, often for years and years.  Showing that to donors makes them understand how crucial ARC is in every community. 

For public information campaigns, there is no better medium than video.  When the NJ American Water Company used state of the art oil rigging equipment to lay a huge water pipe under a river rather than just on the bottom, saving money and wear and tear on the pipe itself, hiring my video crew to document it and then create a short video for the community allowed them to toot their own horn while informing the public of their innovative, value added, design to bring water to the coast line cost effectively and with the least amount of damage to the environment. 

When an electric company had to train employees on how to legally clean up an oil spill, a video dramatization , step by step of the process, made them able to train employees nation wide and meet all environmental standards immediately. 

Of course, for any new industry, such as the expected rise in ‘so called ‘green’ companies, getting the word out to the public is the first step in their success.  There is not better way to market, engage the consumer and make the sale than using video.  It is more important than ever to have a visual presence on line .

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