Green industries marketing

Now more than ever, new ‘green’ industries must reach out to their customers with compelling marketing and sales materials that will illustrate why it is necessary that we make changes quickly and effectively, even if it may cost us a bit more in the beginning.
New technology , innovative approaches, community -based environmental gains are essential if we are to survive the devastating effects that burning oil and coal have caused.
The use of video and documentary programs that highlight successful efforts across the planet will encourage everyone to do their part. As always, educating the children will have a trickle up effect into every home.
I can remember when recycling was the big push back in the 1980’s. Every school child had knowledge of what recycling meant and each put pressure on their own family to cooperate. My daughter’s class won a jingle contest and were aired on the local radio stations.
Now, with the internet and all of the social sites, spreading the word that now is the time that we must make changes. Now is the time to stop driving everywhere, now is the time to pressure local leaders to get on the alternative fuel plan, to demand electric and solar cars and mass transit that does not pollute.
As too many animal species face extinction, it is really now our choice as to what kind of planet we will leave for our children. I could never understand the people who still call for drilling for oil everywhere to save us. That is like asking for more rain when every place is flooded.

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