Video Production in Phoenix evolving.

Video production in Phoenix, Arizona, has evolved like it has in many other parts of the country, from big expensive production houses , which by their very nature must charge more to cover their huge overhead costs, to teams of talented free- lance artists who work from home offices or small suites.
KidVision Multimedia has always depended upon the best free lance talent in the industry based right here in Arizona. Writer Jim Keyworth , winner of numerous writing awards, now based in Payson, Arizona, has partnered with our producers for over 12 years now. Hernandez Creative, owned by Jesse Hernandez, had been the editing and graphic development partner for KidVison for over 8 years now. HC provides excellent service, creative editing, Spanish language translation editing, full service graphic and print design. Nivoloc Productions, owned by Jack Colovin, has provided top quality camera units, talented editing and full service production design for more than ten years. Cathy Dresbach, local award winning actress. has been the voice -over talent on many of our award winning projects, along with Ken Moscowitz,”Spanky” to his friends.

Working with such a talented team of professionals has made our clients very happy and their video projects extremely successful. Keeping the costs down because we only hire people by the project rather than paying full staff salaries makes such good sense, especially now, when the economy has forced us all to spend less. KidVision Multimedia is now reaching out to a new generation of industries, those dedicated to helping the planet survive. We are dedicated to getting their message out to every one possible, offering top quality and affordable costs.

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